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When deciding which weddings to showcase on their websites, many wedding and event planners will focus on big lavish events, with big budgets that are extremely photographable.  In fact, for these types of weddings, they will actually hire a professional photographer to take photos specifically for their portfolios.

However, these photos are not representative of what you can expect with YOUR budget, at YOUR venue, or in YOUR time and space constraints. 

So instead of only selecting elaborate ones, we're presenting a random collection of weddings we've coordinated throughout the years... all of which have varying budgets.  These are weddings where couples had to compromise throughout the planning process for the sake of budget and focus on things taht were most important to them.  And as you can see... no matter the budget or the compromise, they all got married with beautiful smiles on their faces and everyone had a great time.

To us, that is the product of a happy couple... and  GREAT coordination team.  We'd be honored to be that team for you.

Adrienne + Michael

Alessandra + Josh

Alice + Stephen

Alicia + Rory