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When did YWYW start?

After a few years of event planning for a few companies, including a major airline, our owner offered two free weddings on Craigslist. (At least this way, if we sucked, perhaps they wouldn’t sue us?!) Well, we didn’t, and they didn’t… and before you knew it we were doing this full time by 2010. Today our staff includes 5 coordinators, 8 assistants and internship program!

Why are you so cheap?

You may see that our pricing is considerably lower than the pricing of some of our main competitors. Surely something must be missing, right? Surely, you’re getting the bottom of the barrel service-wise, right? Well, you’re not! We promise! Check out our reviews, they speak for themselves! Though we’ve talked many times about raising our prices, the reality is we like the customers we attract at our current price point. With our current pricing, we’re able to provide great wages to our staff and put food on the table for our families! All-in-all, having a successful business and working with like-minded clients is more important to us than making it rain!

Why are you so expensive?

Unfortunately, we cannot compete with those who are just starting out in the business and doing coordination as a part-time gig. We do this full time and maintain a modest office for our client meetings. These overhead costs combined with business insurance and fair compensation for employees, means that we have to charge fair prices for our services. We encourage you to compare our services to those who have the same level of experience as us, and we think you’ll find our prices are very competitive.

Do you offer "Day-Of" Coordination?

For months, if not years, you have been planning and making decisions about your big day. Do you really want someone to simply show up the day the wedding and guess about your details? We want to share your vision and we want your day to be nothing short of spectacular. Therefore, our packages cover the hours we spend pouring over your details and confirming your vendors before the actual day-of. We want all of our “T’s crossed before your wedding day. There should be no guessing about timeline or décor or vendor responsibilities. If we’ve done our job, then your vendors also know what is expected of them before they show up. So then if something unexpected occurs on your wedding day, your coordinator will be free to trouble shoot the issue and handle it seamlessly. (Psst… Ask us about our scary stories! From cakes to caterers not showing up, all coordinators have their stories… and we’ll tell you how we fixed it!)

What all is included in your packages?

As you can imagine, one marketing document can’t possibly cover all the individual services that are included in your package. This is designed to give you a taste of our packages and a feel for our company. Chatting with one of our coordinators is the best way to understand the full scope of our services. We are happy to chat with you in person, via video chat or even by phone! Whatever works best for you!

Is it true that you can save me money?

Ahhhh…. One of our favorite questions! (And the favorite sales tactic of most coordinators!) The truth? Yes and No!

To fully understand, you need some back story. We personally know of a very reputable vendor in town that wants to get paid “X” for each wedding. So, they advertise their pricing at 15% more than what they want. Then, they give you the “15% YWYW discount” and you feel all warm and fuzzy because YWYW just saved you some money! What clients don’t know, is that they could have received the “15% we both like Campbell’s Soup discount”. It doesn’t matter the reason. You’ll get 15% off because that is how they have structured their sales pitch.

Does this mean we can’t get you an actual deal? NO! We have many vendors that will discount their services for our clients, simply because they know us and we bring them a lot of business. But we can’t guarantee that the vendor willing to do this, will be the right decision for you! What we can guarantee is that we work with quality vendors who are fairly-priced to begin with. Sometimes you’ll see a discount, sometimes you won’t. But remember, all discounts are NOT created equal!

Where are you located?

Our office is inside of the infamous Michelle’s Patisserie. (One of Austin’s many great bakers, by the way.) We used to have a large stand-alone office, but as the dynamic of planning changed to more web-based, we realized the majority of our office went unused despite how busy we were. With Austin’s growth, we made a decision to move-out of our large office instead of raising prices to meet the real-estate market demands. Our office is small, but it helps us keep the prices fair!

Do you exclusively work with this bakery?

While we love Michelle’s Patisserie and have worked with them for close to a decade, we are not exclusive by any means! Austin has many great bakers! And we know and hire many of them, regularly!

What kind of events will you do?

The more appropriate question would be, “What kind of events will we not do?” We’ve done weddings in a backyard, in a cave, in a bowling alley, in an art studio, in a mansion, in a hotel, in a museum and in a rush! We are familiar with all kinds of cultural and cross- culture weddings. Whatever your dream is, we work hard to make it happen!

What budgets will you work with?

We have worked with everything from $12-$300k. We never snub a budget for being too small and we don’t shy away from anything too big. BUT, we will be realistic about what you can afford with the budget you have. And sometimes, we can come across like joy- killers because of it. We promise, it’s not our intention! But we think having a firm understanding of where you want to spend your money before signing too many contracts, is essential! Budgets are important and we do everything our power to keep you under yours.