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To all the couples out there thinking you won't be able to afford a planner, but hoping against all odds that you will... have we got a surprise for you!

What you may not know about our owner Stefanie, is that she was a budget bride to the max.  Her wedding of 65 people cost less than $5,000. Don't get it wrong... she had to make many concessions along the way.  And it wasn't easy. But getting help wasn't easy either.

Here's the cold hard truth... getting a wedding planner is a LUXURY. And it's not in the cards for everyone... it certainly wasn't in the cards for her! But thanks to an abundance of downtime during COVID, Stef was able to create a DIY video course on how to plan your own wedding... to help couples NATIONWIDE. It's literally the wedding planner, for couples who can't afford a wedding planner!

Take a look at everything that is included! And all for one low, manageable price. So if you find yourself planning your own wedding without being able to afford one of the bigger packages, but you want to take over 14 years of planning experience with you on the journey, and a heap full of professional planning tools... well, you've come to the right place! 

Check out sister company, ClubWed, for more information!



  • 100+ videos on how to plan your wedding, taught by Stefanie Yandell

    • 18 videos walking you through the same planning process Stefanie uses with her full-service clients

    • 42 videos on budgeting 

    • 42 videos on the inside scoop on hiring specific vendors

  • Customized Planning Checklist based on your wedding day

  • Step-by-Step instructions to complete each task on your to-do list

  • To=Scale Diagramming Software

  • Guestlist Management Tool

  • Budget Tracking Software

  • Wedding Planning Website

  • Full Wedding Design Exercises

  • Multiple Calculators and Spreadsheets that are used by YWYW planners daily


In Fall of 2022, our sister company, ClubWed, will launch the next phase of this business! At launch, access to these tools will be available under a monthly membership fee only.  With that monthly fee, you'll get access to exclusive discounts for Club Members, exclusive weekly LIVEs with Stefanie to discuss all things wedding, regular giveaways and a more streamlined planning portal to make your life SO much easier!

People who sign up before the official launch of the next phase, will be grandfathered in for 12 months FREE access with the new Planning Portal and all of the new features. So, if you or someone you know is getting married soon... you might want to jump on this while the flat fee option is still available!

$49 ............................................................ not a typo!

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